As you can probably guess, this is a blog dedicated to urban fantasy book reviews. That is, real-world fantasy as opposed to epic, otherworld fantasy.

However…every reader needs a genre break from time to time, so if you flick over to the section ‘It’s Not About UF’ you’ll find reviews of other spec fiction books that i can’t quite get away with sneaking into the urban fantasy sub-genre.

While sticklers will contend that urban fantasy needs to take place in a contemporary, urban environment, I’m not so picky. I’ll review historical real-world fantasy as well; and possibly even the odd futuristic ‘real-world’ fantasy.

This blog is predominantly young adult, but we might sneak in the odd NA or adult paranormal romance.

And while most of my reviews are of recently published books, I’ll also be doing some ‘flashbacks’.

If you have a book you’d like me to review, please contact me at allaboutuf@gmail.com – please note I can only accept review copies in ebook form, either mobi or ePub is fine.

You can also follow me on twitter @Ash_allaboutUF and instagram @ash_allaboutuf




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