Talon by Julie Kagawa

4 Stars

I would love to know where Julie Kagawa gets her ideas. It seems that no matter what mythological creature she decides to tackle, she manages to create worlds and stories that are wholly original and unique.

Harlequin Teen, 2014

Harlequin Teen, 2014

Talon is just another example of this talent. The story of the war between The Order of St. George (the human organization dedicated to hunting dragons) and Talon (the organization of dragons, who have the ability to take on human form), and the three main characters caught in the middle of it – Ember, Riley and Garrett – is, so far, wonderfully fascinating.

I say ‘so far’ because I’m anticipating a further two to three books in this series, and while I daresay Ms. Kagawa can be trusted to maintain the quality of the storytelling throughout the series I’d hate to jinx it.

Despite the split narration I thought this was really Ember’s book. I found her to be a likeable, relatable character who, despite having the issue of being a dragon, seemed to fit with the mold of what a typical Young Adult heroine should be: pretty, stubborn, rebellious, etc. This was not necessarily a bad thing, and I’m looking forward to seeing Ember really take charge and make a splash in the next book.

As for the other main characters – Garrett’s chapters were quite engrossing, but the character himself was, for me at least, a little dull; perhaps once we learn more about him I’ll change my mind, but that will have to wait. I was intrigued by Riley the moment he showed up at the start of the book; that didn’t change as the book progressed. As for Dante – he frustrated me throughout most of the book (as I’m sure he did many readers); he will certainly be one to watch out for in book two.

While Ms. Kagawa’s writing was solid as usual, I found the triple narration a bit excessive. There’s no doubt multiple perspectives were necessary, and I enjoyed the feeling of suspense and anticipation this brought about; but this could have just as easily been achieved through the use of the third person point of view, thus avoiding any confusion caused by too many narrators.

In spite of this, I thoroughly enjoyed Talon and now have the unfortunate task of awaiting the next instalment.

I own this book..

Reviewed by Ash Bye


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