Burn by Paula Weston

5 stars

Less than two weeks ago Gaby thought she was just an eighteen year-old backpacker living in the coastal Australian town of Pandamus Beach mourning her brother Jude who died in a car accident a year earlier.

Then Rafa came to town. Jude’s best friend. A guy Gaby had never met but who’d been popping up in Gaby’s dreams about a nightclub and hell beasts. And everything changed.

It turned out Gaby was one of the Rephaim – half-human, half-angel, 100% demon-ass-kicker – and a year ago she and Jude had vanished off the face of the earth after reconciling a ten-year rift.

Text Publishing, 2015

Text Publishing, 2015

For three years Paula Weston has teased and tormented fans of The Rephaim series with three burning questions: what were Gaby and Jude up to a year ago? Why can’t they remember any of their former lives? And what the hell happened between Gaby and Rafa to cause this animosity everyone keeps talking about? Because it’s clear as day those two are meant for each other!

I won’t give away spoilers but I will say this: the wait, and even that excruciating feeling of frustration we all must have felt after the end of Shimmer was worth it.

Using flashbacks entwined within the present-day narrative Ms. Weston gradually hands out answers throughout the book – as well as providing revelations we were never expecting, all the while keeping us rapt with anticipation over the –literal – storm about to hit Pan Beach. And once the action is finally unleashed it doesn’t stop.

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this book, but I wasn’t disappointed. As with its three predecessors Shadows, Haze and Shimmer it was completely un-put-downable and I finished it within a day. Jam-packed with action, suspense, romance, classic Aussie humour, and an ending that tied together all the loose ends and rounded out the series perfectly, I have no doubt I’ll be giving this series a re-read down the track now that it’s complete.

If you haven’t read The Rephaim series yet, now’s the perfect opportunity to catch up without all those brutal cliffhangers! Burn hits Australian bookstores on June 24th.

Perhaps one last little tidbit that’s not really a spoiler: we finally get to see that infamous nose-breaking scene first hand….and let’s just say it’s not completely unjustified.

Thanks to Text Publishing for providing a review copy of this book.

Reviewed by Ash Bye.


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